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Welcome to Super.

"We aim to empower brands & owners to change the world."

-Michael Cunniff, Founder & Marketing Consultant 

The Super Agency builds thought provoking platforms for modern brands. Our focus on consistent content creation, digital development, database management, Ai, DAM, & vertically integrated technology to help brands find new market reach. Established brands & start-ups have a cutting edge advantage in The Super Agency. 

Get 30,000 feet above your brand experience, offer new opportunities to customers, & build trust in a digital age. We believe trust will be the single most important factor separating the brand of yesterday with the brand of today.

There is no time like today to start you modern brand journey through custom built Websites & Databases. Beautiful ecosystems. Resourceful channels and podcasts. High-quality edited photos, drones, & videos. Automated system tools. Sales, Consulting, & PR. 


2021 & 2022 "Best of Fort Lauderdale" Winner! Voted by 15,000 Fort Lauderdale Magazine subscribers. 

 "Best Ad Agency" "Best PR Agency" & "Best Videographer"

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The Super Agency

Allow US to take your Brand into the Future of Digital.

Scale your Brand with our Super 
Digital Playbook.

Modern Tools & Automation

We are always creating better experiences for the customers of the brands we represent. The best brand owners know there must be consistent engagement with customers.. We create modern & thought provoking tools that help business, employees, & operations grow with customer needs. 

Proven Experience Scaling Brands

We Focus on your Ecosystem, Database(s), & Digital Playbook. We have a proven, award-winning track record of scaling brands to their potential. 

Professional Mentors

It's a team effort. Let's create a winning environment.  We will teach you the way to grow a team willing to take your brand and their career to new heights. 


Want to see how powerful our #SuperNetwork is? Use the hashtag, or simply search "The Super Agency" on just about any platform to see what comes up. #TheSuperAgency is also a great one. We know you will be pleasantly surprised to see all of the wonderful brands we work with and experiences we have had together. Drop us a COMMENT, show us some LOVE, & we will SHOW IT BACK! 

Above and beyond that, you will be on our radar, so we will most likely want to go on a liking spree, share your stories, or feature you to one of our 50+ industry-specific pages like Yachts, Supercars, Jets Luxury Homes, Luxury Travel, Lifestyle Products, Fashion, Fitness, Health, Golf, Art & more.