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Contact forms are an effective way to gain new leads that convert into sales.

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

After all, when leads voluntarily give their info, this indicates a heightened interest in purchasing from your brand. Right? Questions I hear a lot are "How do you capture these leads?" and "How do successful brands convert these leads?".

I feel for business owners that ask me what I call the 'million dollar' or 'billion dollar' questions specific to Websites, Digital Assets, Automations, & Ai. Business owners want other successful owners to share an industry-specific Playbook that isn't really readily available without it becoming a Cost of Doing Business.

"My greatest piece of advice for business owners looking to tap into their digital resources, lead capture online, or grow a successful digital arm of their business model is to not get sucked into the rabbit hole of third-party and industry-specific platforms. Trying to find a solution to a problem digitally without understanding what you want the end result to be. This leads to more digital problems and less solutions. I suggest reverse engineering the approach. Consider the end-result you are looking for and work backwards to create that exact customer experience. Use what is available to you, install a system, and then find better solutions to the new and better problems you will encounter."

Michael Cunniff,

A simple shift in the process can yield massive results. Want to ask me questions? I love helping business owners break through.

Here are some Tips for Lead Capturing

  1. Use emotions to your advantage.

  2. Build relationships.

  3. Tap into the power of trusted referrals.

  4. Offer free items and collect data through these offers

  5. Speak with your leads before you give a free trial

  6. Show your leads that you value them.

  7. Ensure leads are qualified.

  8. Landing pages are some of the best ways to capture leads.

  9. Conduct phone conversations.

  10. Harness direct mail.

  11. Use a mixture of techniques

  • Fostering relationships with your leads can help with this process. Encouraging your existing customers to refer their friends will also help, as referred leads’ trust for their colleagues’ recommendations will translate into trust in your brand.

  • Make sure that your contact forms are easy for people to use and also find.

  • Making each lead feel valued is key to building trust with them that your products or services are a great fit.

  • Building trust is vital.

In my opinion, the"pay by the month" or "pay by the user" programs provide great learning lessons and steal valuable time from employees and business owners alike. Many of these programs are available for free through powerful easy-to-use tools. One program offered for FREE for lead capturing, is Google Forms.

*Click the link to see what Google Forms does. Creating a form is easier than you think. Having success with Forms and needs some prettier tools? Try Typeform or Leadpop. BUT start with Google Forms, it's FREE.

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