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20 Reasons to start a podcast? Ok.

Researching reasons as to why you should start a podcast can result in a mixed bag of suggestions. The reason being is that it’s easy to mix marketing benefits and ‘reasons’ with personal ones. If I wanted to start my podcast, would I be interested in directing my audience to my services? Maybe, maybe not. It depends on my intentions for starting the podcast.

Personal reasons to start a podcast:

  1. You’re passionate about a topic or have something to say

  2. An easy platform to create content

  3. You Can Create Long Form Content

  4. Podcasting Can Help You Build a Personal Brand

  5. Can be an alternate revenue source

  6. Develop multiple different skill sets

  7. There Are Minimal Start-Up Costs

  8. Podcasting Can Be More Fulfilling Than Video

  9. You want to use your free time productively

Marketing reasons to start a podcast:

  1. You Can Re-purpose Your Content

  2. You Can Target Your Audience Directly

  3. There Is Less Competition Compared to Other Media Forms

  4. The Platform Is Still Growing

  5. Become an Industry Influencer/Thought Leader

  6. Expand your Search Potential

  7. Redirect traffic to your important pages

  8. There Is Potential to Monetize

Miscellaneous reasons to start a podcast:

  1. Can Enable You to Interview People You May Look up To

  2. You Enjoy Connecting with Others

  3. You enjoy helping others

Have a few more ideas? Share them with us!

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